About Fair

Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) between 20-23 Kasım 2024 in adjacent halls simultaneously with the 7th International Istanbul Hardware Fair, the 2nd Occupational Health and Occupational Safety Fair, which will be organized with the cooperation of TIGIAD Turkey Occupational Safety Businessmen’s Association and the organization of Voli Fuar Hizmetleri A.Ş. It is preparing to open its doors in the 2nd Hall in Yeşilköy, on an area of 9250 m2.


Founded in 1999 under the name of İSGİAD (Businessmen’s Association for Occupational Safety), which later changed its name to TİGIAD (Businessmen’s Association of Occupational Safety of Turkey), the association is among the people who produce, import, market personal protective materials for occupational safety and health, and provide training and consultancy services. forms a bridge. The association is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Istanbul and its members throughout Turkey.

About Voli Fair Services Inc.

Voli Fair, which started its activities with the Textile Machinery Fair in 1988, is one of Turkey’s well-established sectoral fair organization companies. Voli Fair Services is taking fast steps towards its goal of presenting innovative and different fairs with a high quality experience, creating new fair brands in the areas it competes with, in order to enable everyone to access trade on a global scale. Currently, it regularly organizes Istanbul Hardware Fair, Evcharge Show and Solarex Istanbul fairs. The company, which is also the pioneer and leader of boutique fairs with its expert and innovative employees, has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors from 150 countries with nearly 150 fair organizations since its establishment.